Friday, July 10, 2009

July Giveaway!

My first annual blogiversary giveaway is being held during the month of July. The drawing will be held on July 31st, so you have the whole month in which to participate.  All the gifts are items of my own creation.  

The Gifts

1. The Happy Skies Jumbo hand-spun yarn discussed & shown in May when I was writing about the blues. (Approximately 53 yards thick-n-thin two-ply wool--very soft; 3-7 WPI; 3 3/8 oz./97 g)

2. The linen hand-knit scarf in raspberry/orange-sherbet that was shown in the post about how hard it is to photograph the color red. (It is six inches wide by 76 inches long.)

3. The Monet's Garden jumbo hand-spun yarn shown in June. (Approximately 46 yards thick-n-thin two ply wool--very soft; 4-6 WPI; 2 1/2 oz/74 g)

4. The Peaches and Cream Love-Me Knot Bracelet shown in Going Fourth, a few posts ago. (For a wrist sized between 5 1/2 and 7 inches.)

The Rules

There will be an advantage for followers: the first two names for the first two gifts will be drawn only from among those who enter the giveaway and who have signed up as followers by July 15.

The third and four drawings will be from the larger pool that includes everyone--followers and casual readers. So followers will have first choice and also be included in more drawings. 

To be in the giveaway drawing, you need to go into the 2008 posts, find a post that amuses or interests you and leave a comment there.  Then come back here, and on a comment for this post, tell me where you commented and why you chose that post. 

Next, tell me what would be your first choice if you win, and also give your second choice. Finally, let me know if you are a follower.

(You do not need to go see my Etsy store for the giveaway, but I would of course love it if you went there anyway.)

The Winners

The winners names and what they won, will be announced on July 31, no later than 9 p.m. PST. If you have a blog, I'll leave you a comment that you've won, and if you have an Etsy shop, I'll convo you there. I'll do my best to reach you. 

You will have two weeks in which to contact me (my name is in the sidebar) [at] to tell me where to send your prize. If you don't contact me by August 15, another name will be drawn for the prize.

Best Wishes, Good Luck, and Thanks!


Lily said...

I left a comment on this post --
I'm a visual blog reader so I was browsing through your photos for 2008 and was very much attracted to your hats! Thats what led me to comment on that post.

I've already been a follower for a few days which is how I found this giveaway to begin with!

My first choice would be the adorable bracelet #5 and my second choice would be the scarf #2.
You make really gorgeous items, thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the compliments, Lily, and thanks for entering the giveaway! I

Good luck in the drawing!

trudette, said...

What a great give-away , thanks for the oppertunety !
I commented on this 2008th post
because I really love these hats !
my first and second post would be the wool , I like them both very much.

Cindy said...

Great giveaway! I left a comment on this 2008 post: because I too am looking for a hat model... looks like you've found a good one with Valerie. You create beautiful things!

My first choice would be #4, the gorgeous bracelet. Second choice would be #1, the Happy Skies yarn.

I've been a follower of your blog for several months.
Thanks for this opportunity!

Almost Precious said...

I left a post on your:
Monday, December 22, 2008
"In Which I Try to Put a Table in a Post Because Valerie Needs Some Hair"

Because Valerie amused me, I have a very simple (styrofoam) wig head which I have used to photograph some of my jewelry, especially earrings, on. Found out some people have a real adversion to seeing hair in pictures...they must really have seizures when they watch a shampoo commercial on TV. hee, hee ;D

Since I no longer have the time to knit or crochet, I'll have to pass on the gorgeous yarns (oh such beautiful colors, and texture...swoon). I adore the bracelet but the raspberry/orange sherbet scarf is to die for.

sleeping poet said...

Hi Sharon!

I finally got around to entering the giveaway--wouldn't have missed it oh no!--and the post I choose to comment on was this:

It was hard to choose one because your 2008 posts are so interesting! I love the pictures of Portland snow, the fashion updates of amazing couture white creations--but these "friendly faces" simply melted my heart!

If I were the lucky winner, I would love to have the beautiful bracelet--so stunning--or either of the two amazing handspun yarns, because I knit and these are so inspiring.

Thanks for doing this great giveaway. Keep on blogging, as I love to read your posts--I,of course, am a follower! :)


Aik said...

I left a comment in your "Knitting a Way Through Grief" post.

My first choice would be #2
The linen hand-knit scarf in raspberry/orange-sherbet and my second choice would be #5
The Love Me Knot Bracelet.

I tried to follow you via Google Friends Connect but the widget just won't load. Maybe there's some problem with my browser. I'll try again.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Sharon said...

I am so happy that you all have entered the giveaway! Aik, I have had that happen, too, but when I tried again it worked. I hope you'll be back to follow!

Thanks for all the great comments, everyone!