Monday, August 24, 2009

Betty Draper Sweaters for Fall

It's started: those mellow days of autumn when the sun is shining but it's cool enough for a little sweater. Just yesterday I was fantasizing about wearing a little Betty Draper sweater. She wore a lovely one last season on Mad Men that I covet.

A search through Etsy's vintage stores yielded these lovelies for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Click the photo credit to go to each store's listing for more detail on each item.

I love to knit, but rarely knit sweaters. Who has the time? Besides, why bother with all these lovelies in the world. Which one is your favorite?


Alicia Istanbul said...

I love the detail in the beading. So pretty!

Eline Oftedal said...

All these cardigans are lovely! I love beaded and embridered cardis, and have a small collection that I wear whenever it's suitable.
Thanks for shareing.

SleightGirl said...

Those are so lovely! Excuse me while I wipe the drool up off my keyboard.

velvetwoods said...

sweet cardies,I have one very similar.