Friday, August 28, 2009

Floating Home Fridays

Moon Over the Willamette River by Tokiko Anderson

Is floating in the title a verb and home the direction?

One could imagine floating home after a a summer's eve ball where all the ladies wore white gowns and the gentlemen wore tails. The magic of dancing under moonlight and the remembrance of the eclectic music could cause an ethereal feeling while you meander home in a blissful state. I know this is true because is has happened to me.

More literally, if you had a little house along water, you could imagine floating home in a wee boat with your hand dangling in the cool water. Or if you knew how to pilot a hot-air balloon, you could surely float home in that.

What if, though, it is the house that floats, and floating is an adjective? This is the topic of a little series that I intend to pursue, on a regular or irregular basis on Fridays and which I hinted at way back when. It has nothing to do with my creative life--or does it?

Image Information: This is a print that I bought from Tokiko on the Last Thursday Artwalk in the Alberta Arts District of Portland. Tokiko's work really speaks to me. See more of her work by clicking on Tokiko's name in the image credit above.


velvetwoods said...

I'm floating and wondering where you’re going to take me, where ever it is I know I'll like it. Love this post, it's so blissfully dreamy.This has happened to me too but a while ago now...must do it again soon.

velvetwoods said...

Oh I almost fogot(was dreaming of the moonlight and a glass of red) to mention that Moon Over the Willamette River is lovely.

Katie said...

What a lovely image. "Floating" definitely feels like a state of mind sometimes.

cabin + cub said...

oooh.. i can hear the music and see all the people dancing in their finery now. too bad that whole tradition of dance balls is not as popular as it once was. ;)

katy said...

beautiful words and lovely print!