Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home Alone with Thick and Thin Handwarmers but No Coyotes

Recently Mr. ChaCha was out of town for the weekend, so Samba and I were home alone. We had such fun!

Samba LOVES to be outside, but because we have a pack of six coyotes living in the park next to our property, she can only be on the deck which surrounds the back of the house at the second-story level. It's a very big deck with a collection of containers full of garden and surrounded by plenty of shade trees, so it's not like she's deprived.

(In the previous paragraph, the term park refers to a verdant 645-acre forest surrounding a ravine that contains the only creek in the metro area with a run of steelhead trout. That place is plenty big enough for six coyotes. Still, they get wanderlust-or I should say bloodlust--and scout the surrounding neighborhoods for small animals, including cats and dogs. )

One other weekend when Samba and I were alone, we were watching a movie around eleven o'clock at night when a blood-curdling, raise-your-neckhairs cacophony arose from below the second-floor living room window. The coyotes had surrounded and then dined on a neighbor's cat. We were both totally freaked out!

I digress--back to our recent weekend. It was sunny and HOT! It was so hot that Samba didn't even want to stay out on the deck. The air-conditioning was too inviting! When she wasn't napping she spend the rest of the time hanging out in various windows while I worked on handwarmers.

I got out the last pair of upcycled hand warmers shown in this post but I couldn't really get motivated by them in the hot weather and wanted a project that would be completed quickly. So I took the leftover hand-spun yarn from the thick scarf in this post and made these:

Here's a closeup comparison of the two projects:

Do you think I go to extremes?

After finishing this funky thick pair, I made myself a special meal, added a glass of wine, and was most serene.


velvetwoods said...

Scary coyotes ! lucky for Samba she was hand warmers and yuor meal looks divine.

soulflower said...

Its smart to keep your kitty inside! I love all black cats i have one too! He stays inside. He is a naughty boy! That meal also looked delicious!Im hungry right now!