Friday, November 20, 2009

Favorite Places to Knit and Friday Floating Home

As the weather is turning colder and more hands are picking up knitting, I pondered what were the favorite places where people like to knit. A Google search and a journey through some knitting forums yielded the following information.

The usual places people like to knit:
  • Sunrooms and screenporches
  • Near fireplaces or windows
  • In one's favorite chair (one forum writer calls her beautiful chair the Knitting Throne)
  • Coffee shops, book stores, libraries, or yarn shops with comfy chairs
  • In cars, on trains, or on airplanes
  • In theatres, hotel lobbies, sports stadiums, or the local pub
  • Scenic or tranquil outdoor locations

Special events:
  • Sporting events
  • Business or church conferences
  • Business meetings
  • While stuck on the freeway in a traffic jam

Good to have nearby:
  • Spouses
  • Cats
  • Other knitters
  • Favorite beverage and/or non-sticky finger food
  • Knitting supplies and stash
  • TV, DVD Player, VCR, or computer
  • A waiter

Unusual places or situations:
  • One clever knitter taught herself to knit while also doing the grocery shopping.
  • The same woman knit while waiting in line for a carnival ride and also knit during the rides.
  • Quite a few people could knit while walking.
  • One woman like to knit in hotel lobbies, whether she was staying there or not.
  • One forum writer loved to knit while traveling around in the cab of her trucker husband's rig.
  • One dedicated woman knits in the swimming pool while sitting in a floating pool chair.
  • One curious writer said she liked to knit while sitting on the "coach". Now there's an untried idea.

All this research made me ask myself: If I could be knitting anywhere today, where would I want it to be? A houseboat came to mind immediately. (Probably because I've been so busy lately that I haven't much relaxed, and houseboats are so relaxing.)

My next thought was that I hadn't done a Friday Floating Home post for a while. So here's my fantasy for today: sitting and knitting on board a floating home on the Thames with a hot cup of chai tea and some classical music in the background. It's an overcast day with a chance of rain, but there's a fire in the woodstove.

What's would be your happy Friday?


FashionTouch said...


customdesigns4ubynan said...

great post - love the photo, love the way you bring it all together. I saw another dream house today in the forum - a little house floating in the hills by a river...I want to be in Mexico actually.

Gallery32 said...

I love those floating homes. What a lovely place to live :)

Janean said...

great post! it seems knitter will knit anywhere, any time with anyone! lol. i like to knit while riding in the car!

Maiden Jane said...

A happy Friday? One without 3 teenagers making plans 5 minutes before they had to be somewhere!

Pass the knitting and some wine!