Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ruby Slipper Reverie

Thanksgiving dinner turned out pretty good, but I may not want to go through all that work again next year. It surely made a shambles out of the kitchen. Fortunately Mr. ChaCha was a big help with the cleanup detail. The leftovers are great, though. Hmmm . . . let you know next year whether it will happen again chez nous.

While cooking the turkey, I lapsed into a little musing about Thanksgivings and other family traditions of the past. That naturally led to remembering annual childhood TV viewings of the Wizard of Oz, which always was featured on television between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My sisters and I would be so excited and would sit close together to keep from getting scared when the wicked witch cackled on screen. We sometimes brought our favorite dolls along to the showing and even the dolls would get mightily frightened seeing the flying monkeys and hearing that witch.

There were so many fun things about the Wizard of Oz. The Cowardly Lion was a favorite because we all were very shy and felt great empathy for his stuttering speech. The Lollipop Guild with their singing and dancing ways were enchanting, and Glinda, the good witch, was so pretty!

Two more things stand out for me:
  1. I just loved those ruby slippers that Dorothy wore and seeing them and all the glorious costumes in the film may have helped to start my love of accessories.
  2. I first started imagining leaving my home town after seeing this film, and kept imagining it fervently until it finally happened.
This Thanksgiving Day reverie led me later to do a little search on for "Ruby Slippers." There were so many wonderful items. Here are some of my favorites:

As a child, spinning was a favorite thing to do, and as a dancer today, who still loves spinning, this print of an imaginative painting really captures my heart.

You can get these exact replica shoes from Cybertosh, a film student and costumer, and you may want to wear them to go out dancing, but I think the intention may be more for them to be displayed.

redbloodedwoman by WolandandMay

If you're getting a little older, but still want to dance in style, these great ruby oxfords are the way to go!

And if you want to take the grandchild along to the dance, these cute as can be booties are the way to go.

After you click on the red slipper items, you might want to check out this irreverent YouTube video. For us adults, a late night television skit on an alternate ending to the Wizard of Oz was aired by MadTV. (Click on the link only if you love sick humor.)

Dear readers what affect did the Wizard of Oz have on you? What were your favorite parts? Did you ever desire ruby red shoes?


Maiden Jane said...

Love all the slippers! It's hard to say what effect...I loved the music. I think I secretly wished to be Dorothy. Of course, with Wicked, you can't help but view things a bit differently....

Cathy Nichols Art said...

I love your story about watching The Wizard of Oz with your sisters. So sweet! That was such a memorable movie. Thank you so much for posting about my "Spun" painting, too!! Happy holidays!

Fern said...

"Spun" by cathynicols: is crazy lovely! I like the Dorothy-red-shoes as well :) FUN!

Cindy said...

We bring out the Wizard of Oz DVD this time of year. My daughter won the DVD (she was the best Dorothy look alike at a Cinema 21 screening of the movie in sing along form several years ago). Oh I spent so many years hunting for those ruby red slippers. When I traveled through Kansas about 20 years ago, I searched to no avail.

As a child it was the monkeys that freaked me out the most. And the mean talking tree.