Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Knit a Turkey?

Fourteen years ago I had a post-holiday meltdown after cooking my last turkey. Total Thanksgiving burn-out was achieved. It's not what you think--the dinner turned out great, the guests were happy, and the conversation was good. So what was the problem?

Well, I had been making and hosting our family Thanksgiving dinners for a lot of years. Me, the perfectionist with ADD tendencies.

That evening, after everyone had gone and the final cleanup was in process in the kitchen of my apartment, the tears just wouldn't stop flowing. I was ...
  • tired because life had been sending me curve balls for several years.
  • nervous because I had just met and fallen in love with Mr. Cha-Cha.
  • just plain uninterested in spending long hours cooking meals that got eaten so fast and created such a mess to clean up.
The vow was made--that was the LAST turkey. I'd rather knit one than roast one!

Now, you might feel the same way, so I've put together some links for those of you who would rather craft than cook. Here are some ideas:

  1. Make a turkey from a glove for Thanksgiving.
  2. Knit a free turkey hat pattern.
  3. Here's another hat pattern (no longer available, but trust me, you want to see this photo!)
  4. Knit a turkey knitting.
  5. Knit a naked raw hanging turkey.
  6. Knit and felt a turkey--free pattern.
  7. Crochet a whole turkey meal. (pattern currently for sale)

Really, the whole turkey knitting business didn't interest me either, but for sure the not-cooking-turkey commitment stuck. For all these fourteen years Mr. ChaCha and I have either eaten salmon at home or have gone out for one of those huge restaurant holiday buffets.

Here's the kicker: this year I feel like cooking a turkey again. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog! I am now following you as well!

Maiden Jane said...

The holidays do things like that to me. Although I love our big, boisterous family gatherings, I often feel overwhelmed, too. I don't cook on T-giving - just made 5 pies and we go to two homes to celebrate. Makes for a long day. Enjoy however you choose to celebrate.

cabin + cub said...

Wow.. there a lot of knitted turkeys to choose from! We made Thanksgiving dinner this year (the Canadian holiday is in October).. and yes, it was a lot of work.
Not sure I want to do that again.

Sinje Ollen said...

Very funny! I'll definitely have to give this a try!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!


fookaDESIGNS said...

Best of luck! I'm sure it went great!

Cindy said...

I hope your dinner was a big success! Thanks for the laughs. Love the turkey hat! I can totally relate to being a perfectionist with ADD tendencies. I didn't have to make the dinner this year, but when I do, it's exhausting!