Monday, November 16, 2009


Yes, I know. I'm a late adopter--it's the story of my life. Valerie and Amelie have been nagging me about getting onto Ravelry to meet some people and to learn how to use the site.

Of course there are always the standard excuses about why, since joining Ravelry two years ago, I've done nothing with my page except post a link to this blog. (Too busy. Too shy. Don't know how....)

It's pathetic, really. No friends. No projects. Only two posts in the Ravelry forums.

Well, at the Portland Knitter's Guild Meeting the other night, CraftyCraftyGrrl gave a great presentation about how to use Ravelry and it all seemed pretty user friendly. So I went home and signed on. It's not so bad. Pretty easy to use. I may be hooked, now.

So friend me over there. I'll friend you back.

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