Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hats Off: New Knot-cha-chá! Model Arrives

Here she is! My lovely new assistant and official hat model, yet to be named, who arrived for work this week! You see her here as I first saw her on Ebay. Even hairless and hatless, poor thing, she is beautiful!

The long search for her was started last summer, and there are a bunch of hats waiting to be seen with her. She's working on commission to start--if she sells some hats, I'll buy her some hair.

Some good name suggestions have been offered from coworkers at my day job, my students, and friends. Feel free to comment and offer a name choice of your own. So far, the top choices are:


So many good names--it's hard to choose.

Here's my girl, nameless still, getting acquainted with one of the berets from a previous post.

Isn't she lovely? It's amazing how different she can look with different lighting. Her face is very reflective and it's already apparent that the light wants to really bounce off her face. She and I will have a photoshoot soon and we'll post some of the results here. Meanwhile, in my next post, I will show you some truly great photos of great hats made by someone else.


Anonymous said...

Sharon, my creative wonderful friend,

I LOVE your blogspot!!! Want more! everything perfect! Love the pictures, want your stuff:)


PS. I like Bridget for the name of your model (or whatever the correct spelling is).

Kate said...

I like Bridget too. And I also like Christina, now that I see it, as well as every single name on the list. This girl is so versatile! Maybe she change names, depending her mood ;-)

Sharon said...

Well, the final names were Brigitte (or spelled Bridget, which is cool because of all the bridges here in Portland) or Valerie.

My hat model liked Valerie better, and it is the name of a long-lost friend who resembles my assistant, so we are going with that.

Thanks for your comments, compliments, suggestions, and good cheer!

Cindy said...

Love your hat model/assistant! I too am looking for a hat model. I need one who shares my head size... a challenge for sure! I have begun making felted hats and need to stretch them to the proper size while still wet.

If I had read this post earlier, I would have voted for Isabel (my daughter's name).

I enjoy your blog!