Saturday, January 31, 2009

Working in Circles - Part 5, Fractals & Generative Art

A previous post had a gallery of kaleidoscope images from various Etsy artists.  Kaleidoscopes, patterns, and nonrepresentative design have fascinated me since I was a youngster. I loved those Altair Design Coloring Books and would spend hours and hours coloring different designs!

Working with digital images and computer generated graphics looks like it would be a fun change from handwork, but it also looks way over my head. I felt excited just to create my Etsy shop banner and avatar in Adobe Illustrator, but that is child's play compared with the computer generated art that is being created today.

My introduction to this art form happened while on a search for images to share with you, that fit with January's circular theme and which were available through creative commons licensing. My goal was to find circular art that was created digitally as an inspiration with which to end this mini-series on circular art and handcraft.

This search led me to some amazing fractal images created by Martin Latter, known on Flickr as "Stinging Eyes". Mr. Latter claims that he is not an artist or a programmer, but I do proclaim him an artist, without a doubt. 

This is the link to his main page on Flickr.  Visit his great photo galleries of digital art and leave him some comments about his talent. The first four images that you see in this post can be found in his "Chaotica" photo set.

Now about the moniker "Stinging Eyes"--don't you imagine that's exactly what the artist gets after working on the computer for hours and staring at the screen to create these amazing works? 

The next generative image is by a different artist, known on Flickr as Omnos. The piece was generated from a painting by another Flickr artist known as soft_star. If you follow the link to the image's Flickr page, you will find underneath the image a link to the original painting from which it was generated and also links to two other mandalas generated from the same painting. I think you will be impressed and fascinated.

Many thanks to Stinging Eyes and to Omnos for giving Creative Commons Licensing to these images. Your work is an inspiration to us all.

Dear reader, if you have some time and want to wonder off the path to explore more about fractal images, you can read some basics about fractal images in this wikipedia article. A simple Google search for fractal images will illicit enough material for a weekend magic carpet ride.  Flickr alone has some amazing fractal and generative art pools that could keep you entertained for days.

Grab some brownies before you start exploring.  You may be at it a while.

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