Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little WIP

You know I'm always flitting among a whole variety of projects just like a drunk honey bee on a pollen rampage. Here are some works in process:

These little flower components are out of some of my handspun yarn. They will be attached to scarves.

My homespun yarn, Path of Roses, is from cushy and soft wool fiber from Corriedale sheep.

These are some flower components from the Path of Roses yarn. They were spun out of primarily pink sections of roving. The more solid green was spun for the scarf fringe.

The flowers and fringe will be going on a scarf in a drop-stitch lattice pattern seen here on the needles:

The turquoises and the greens in this next yarn, Inca Treasure, were spun from some Targhee fiber which is soft and spongy. It is coil plied with a gold single from Jacob sheep. The Jacob fiber is not so soft. I haven't decided what to do with this yarn yet. It will either become a purse or the trim for a hat.

The Bigglety Bouclé Beanie is coming along:

So many projects. So little time!

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lizzzknits said...

How clever all these projects are! I am very impressed!