Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Winter White Work

I am a color fanatic. Give me bright saturated color and I feel higher than a hippie on drugs at Woodstock.

My Etsy store, however, needs a little bit of neutral to balance all the brightness there. The items you saw in my last few posts were an inspiration. Here's what I've come up with.

First off is a new neckwarmer design for this year. I plan to make a series of these with the same or similar twisted stitch patterns in natural undyed fiber. Here the first one in a beautiful undyed baby alpaca in a luscious vanilla color. It's ultra soft! Later there will be some in mocha and expresso.

The next item is still in progess. It's going to be one of my OOAK little pet purses--the kind that fit in the palm of your hand. Some bride might like this one little drawstring pouch when it's finished.

I put a lot of work into these little bags and finish the interior impeccably, so not too many get produced. It's too labor intensive to make many of them.


elsie said...

winter white is so fabulously chic - LOVE your neck warmer!

Additionsstyle said...

I love bright colors and items that make you stand out in a crowd, but your winter white neck warmer is beautiful.

Cindy said...

Oh that neck warmer is beautiful, and it looks very soft and cuddly. I love knitting with baby alpaca. I'm making a hat with it right now.

Check out my felted blue hat... it's finally done! Now I'm trying to figure out if it needs an embellishment of some kind and what that might be.

cabin + cub said...

oooooh pretty! must be so soft and cosy on a cold winter day. it would be cool of there was a "touch" section where we can all feel it on our computer screens. ;)