Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flower Mystery is Solved

Mr. Cha Cha and I had dinner last week with some dear friends. The wife of the couple is a plant expert and she identified the mystery flowers that were growing in our wildflower patch.

The pretty pink flowers that arrived in such profusion are called Godetia. They evidently like full sun and slightly hungry dry soil--our type of flower exactly!

The white or blue flowers with the big pods are Nigella damascena, more commonly known as Love in the Mist. Their wild-looking pods are filled with seeds that when roasted are used to spice Middle Eastern and Indian food. The pods can easily be dried.

Follow the links for pages full of lovely photos on Flickr. We still don't know what variety the monster orchids are, but if you want to drool over photographic loveliness, check out the orchids link.

     Godetia       Nigella      Orchids.

My life has been so hectic, and I've been feeling so stressed. Looking at these flowers is exactly what I needed tonight. Hope you enjoy them, too.


Rebecca said...

They're so lovely. Are the Godetia the ones that inspired your scarf?

Sharon said...

Yes, Rebecca, they are. I was thinking that they would look great in a lei but didn't know how to make one.

Then I thought of a flowered scarf.

elsie said...

i am forwarding this post to my hubby, the boy does love a good flower mystery!!

shellie said...

godetia....i couldnt remember it for the life of me....yay! now you need another mystery!