Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Belle of the Ball

In an imaginative world you can have things how you like them, even if your daily life is not going peachy keen. When an artist's work speaks to you in a way that transforms the world of your daydreams into a tangible image that far surpasses your imagination, it is a glorious thing. It is such a surprise and delight to find that the world she created feels like it leapt out from your very own heart.

Such is the case for me with the joyful collection of work by Janet Hill of Janet Hill Studio in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Janet has taken her degree in Fine Art and applied it stunningly to the study of beautiful women, interiors and still-life. Her collection is teeming with feminine magic. Have a visit to her website and to her Etsy shop to see for yourself. You will find original paintings and prints to brighten your world.

When I first happened upon Janet's Etsy shop, I must have clicked on every item in the store. My mind created stories around her images that fit my world. This is one such story.

The White Owl Dress

On the day of a special holiday ball, Mr. Cha Cha is always calm and collected. His attire for the dance is relatedly straightforward but I get started weeks before the event searching for the perfect dress or gown. Not only does the dress need to be flattering, it needs to be danceable and appropriate for the type of music that will be played.

Let's imagine that on this occasion, there will be a big band playing some swing, some foxtrot, and some waltz. Out of all the possibilities, I have chosen this lovely White Owl dress in which to be a night owl belle. Put yourself in my position, getting ready for the ball.

The Owl and the Clock

Starting early in the afternoon on the day of the event, everything must be tried on at least one more time to make sure it still looks lovely and that the extra five pounds that you gained since buying the dress will not be a problem.

You must check your hosiery to make sure there are no runs, and you must set aside an additional pair to take along in your danceshoe bag as a back-up.


You must also go to your dance shoe collection and choose the perfect shoes for the evening. The suede soles of the shoes need to be brushed, and then you can put them on, turn on some practice music and dance about your house, all dressed up. How does the outfit feel? If you feel anything less than a princess, you must figure out a solution now.

Beatrice's Dressing Room

All right, the clothing has been perfected. Now everything else needs to be set out so that getting ready feels like a luxury and not a last-minute panic: make-up, hair accessories, jewelry, evening bag, handkerchief. Forget the cologne. Dance etiquette now calls for everyone to be aroma free.

Oh, and at this particular dance, there will be a little gift exchange for the ladies, so you must wrap the gift that you are taking (a pretty little bead knitted bracelet from Knot-Cha-Chá!™).

Christmas Belles

The dance is uplifting and energizing. The music, sublime. Mr. Cha Cha, the perfect partner. The evening goes by much too fast.

After the ball a stop by a little patisserie that is open late.

Lovebird Patisserie

When you dance that much, you really work up an appetite!


M.M.E. said...

I just love the Dancers. Thank you so much for sharing her work!

Brenda said...

Pure magic. :)

shellie said...

i love the dressing table!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh I love her work too! I think I hearted her "Shoes" when I added you to my circle and I saw her in your Favs. She is so talented. Love the story :)

Have a lovely day, T. :)