Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dimensional Bead Crochet Samples

Tango Tassel Necklace by KnotChaCha

The interview with Linda Lehman in the last post reminded me that I wanted to reshoot some photos of this tassel necklace from my shop and that another bead crochet necklace that I made last year still needs a clasp. (It's been sitting in the "To Do" basket for some time now.) Both of these necklaces show the dimensionality that comes from combining beads of different sizes.

The necklace above has recessed dimension in a basic spiral. It was created by sparing use of smaller beads in the same two colors as the larger beads around the black spiral. Here is a close-up:

In the African Turquoise necklace below, the dimensionality is raised. This type of dimension is more commonly seen. In this necklace larger dark green beads that alternate with turquoise and brass square beads spiral around a simple rope.

When I was swatching for the turquoise necklace, this was one of the rejected design choices:

This sample uses beads of three sizes in a pattern that creates a ribbon-like spiral wrap. It was a pleasing combination but it overpowered the turquoise focal bead.

I've purchased some patterns from Linda Lehman in order to explore dimensionality that goes beyond simple spirals. Her ZigZag pattern, shown in the last post, has me fascinated.

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Almost Precious said...

You do lovely work ! The red spiral necklace is ideal for Valentine's Day, hope some sweet guy sees it and buys it for his very lucky sweetheart.
Though the red is beautiful my heart goes out to your gorgeous turquoise necklace, it's totally divine ! Amazing what a difference a change in bead size and shape can make.