Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Hats

Last night during the wee hours as I slept, our DVR was silently taping ABC's coverage of the royal wedding. There is a lot of paperwork to be done today and watching the wedding coverage is the perfect multitasking adjunct to it.

It is worth the watch if only for the hats. At about an hour into the recording, I thought I might have to rewind and start again from the beginning because there are sooooo many fascinating hats! Only the British can wear them with so much panache.

Featured for this morning's blog are a few hats from Etsy sellers from around the globe. One might have seen any of them in the crowd at Westminster Abbey. Leave a comment saying which of these fascinating hats you favor.

Vintage Style Wedding Headpiece by JustineBradleyHill, Leeds UK

Beautiful Handmade Hat/Fascinator by designsbyannalisa, London, UK

Pillbox Cocktail Hat by ArturoRios, Los Angeles, USA

Portrait of a Lady made to order by EstelleAnnabel, Melborne, Australia

Cleo by behatty, Weigendorf, Germany


shellie said...

love the first hat and that model os soooo beautiful!

Kitty said...

I love that 1st hat. I would find any excuse to wear it. Not just weddings

Sharon said...

Good choice, ladies. Justine, the maker of the first hat had three of her hats worn to the royal wedding.

Anyone else favor one of the other hats? I'm being drawn to pink these days--colour of the year and all.