Sunday, August 26, 2012

Western States Road Trip or Where to Begin

When you haven't blogged for four months, and Google changes its blogging software interface while you're out on safari, it's a challenge to pick up again. I'm not even sure that this post will surface in the real world when I'm done writing it, because the whole look of the back side of Blogger is different from what I remember.

For many other reasons, too boring to enumerate, I've been gone for a while. You could suspect that family matters, too many hours of work at the day job, and general burn-out might factor in, and you would be correct. Let's back track.

After working grueling hours during the busy season at my day job, I got a new camera from sweet Mr. Cha Cha. It was used for those bangle styling photos in the last post back in April. Then I went to the Midwest to visit with my elderly mother for a while.

Return to Portland brought a round of brain fog, a bout of inertia, and a loss of momentum.

My memory of the month of May is a blur, except I do remember Mr. Cha Cha kept lobbying me to go on a road trip of the Western states. It was really annoying me. I didn't want to go. There was too much to do for my business, and I was too far behind schedule already. Why waste time traipsing around national parks?

"You could learn how to use your new camera better."

I'm mostly interested in product photography and wondered how a road trip would help me with that. He kept doggedly working on the itinerary on his own with no help from me. This is the route he developed:

Long story short, there are some cool photos I took along the way which will be surfacing in the next many posts. Also, there will be some specific recommendations for yarn stores along the route, and general recommendations in case you might want to make this trip yourself.

Also, I've missed my regular annual summer giveaway, so it will have to be an autumn one this year. Anything in particular that you'd like to see in the giveaway, leave me a comment here. Handspun yarn? Stash yarn? A scarf? A bangle bracelet?

It's good to be back. Now that the cool autumn breezes are returning, I feel energized!

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Rebecca said...

Welcome back, Sharon! (Feels funny saying that, since I just checked my blog for the first time in about *six* months!--but I enjoyed your post and look forward to seeing the photos you took.