Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The March Issues

Twice a year, in March and September, the fat fashion magazines arrive. My semi-annual ritual of gazing into these editorial look-books began a few weeks ago.

I have clippings going back to the 1980s. Images that beg for scissors include

  • fashion that I or a friend might like to wear
  • fashion that I would not be caught dead wearing but which . . .
  • has some interesting embellishment
  • or draping
  • or twist
  • or color
  • or editorial storyboard

Interesting articles get saved as well.

These days, with Pinterest and various mobile apps, fewer actual physical images get clipped to be stored in chronological binders that gather dust on the studio shelves. No longer is it a monthly ritual,  but on a semi-annual basis I love to get a cup of tea and sit down to connect with hard-copy.

Are there magazines you prefer to handle rather than view online? Which ones call to you?


Additionsstyle said...

I always prefer a hard copy of a magazine. There is something about paging through a magazine that is so inspiring. I used to clip and save pages of magazines (mostly art magazines) but not so much anymore.
I hope you enjoyed checking out the latest fashions.
Everyday Inspired

DancingMooney said...

Oohh... I've always known September was 'the month' for magazines, but I didn't realize March was the other big one... now I need to go to the store! :)

Found your blog from Valerie's... xo! ♥