Friday, October 30, 2015

Update on the Old Shale Shawl Project

Three week ago I shared a photo of a swatch for a ripple pattern that is a type of Old Shale Pattern, of which there are many variations. I started a shawl in this pattern as a gift, and it has been fun to knit because of the relaxing rhythm to the undulating waves.

This shawl combines three different yarns: one laceweight merino yarn has been paired with a thin yarn that is a combination of 78% Suri Alpaca and 22% nylon. (See the ball on the lower left corner of the photo.) The Suri Alpaca has a superb fiber halo, almost like mohair. The third yarn is the other ball in the picture. It is 100% superfine alpaca. I am alternating these two balls every two rows.

This shawl is 90% complete. When it's been finished and blocked, I'll post more photos of it and also the ball bands from the yarn.

The colors are like candlelight or the canyons in Utah. (It's for a redhead who is going to look great in it.)