Monday, March 5, 2018

Spinning the Olympics

This year to accompany Olympics viewing I decided to spin up some yarn for some new projects for Fall and Winter 2018. The goal was to spin two pounds of fiber during the two weeks of sporting events. I had already started one 4 oz. roving before the Opening ceremony, and the last one was plied the day after the closing ceremony.

While the goal was accomplished, I would not undertake this type of marathon spinning again, because my forearms and hands were stressed at the end. I am treating them to daily rest and alternating heat and ice.

Here are the lovely hanks that resulted:

From left to right, here is the fiber information:

1. Rambouillet wool in colorway "Bluebonnets" by

2. Rambouillet wool in colorway "Unicorns" by

3. Corriedale wool of my own dye experiment - greens and blues, Jacquard dyes

4. Falkland Merino wool in colorway "Mint Kiss" by

5. BFL/Merino/Silk in teals, navy, turquoise by Woolgatherings

6. Corriedale Cross in colorway Crater Lake by Red Dog Fibers

7. Merino wool "Nube" in colorway "Pocian" by Malabrigo Yarns

8. Targhee top in colorway "Northern Lights" by Mountain Colors

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