Monday, August 22, 2011

Breathing, Sobbing, and Spinning

When stress gets the best of you, it's hard to call a friend. You are afraid to speak, and if you started, then the tears might follow. And who wants to burden a friend with all of the turmoil and fear going through your mind or with the sorrows of your heart?

On a trip home from the day job for a late lunch today, I found these on my doorstep along with a lovely card from a friend whom I have mean meaning to call:

At some point, perhaps a few weeks ago when hospice was started for my Dad, I stopped crying. It feels sometimes like I've also stopped breathing. Today, when I found these gorgeous cream-colored roses and read my friend's note, I sobbed a month's worth of emotion right out of my eye sockets. It was just what was needed, because I then took a great big breath and felt better.

I mentioned a few posts ago that there has been some spinning going on. Both kinds, really. Lots of great spinning at Saturday night's dance, and some yummy fiber spinning, too.

This is the "True Blood" Red roving from Blue Moon Fiber Arts--a first attempt at beaded thread plying:

And my favorite yarn to spin, two-ply color twist. First in heavy worsted weight, slightly thick and thin in exotic rooster colors:

And chunky weight in regal purples and greens:

I really outdid myself in achieving consistency on this last skein. Not so thick and thin on this one-- check out the close up:

Some cosy winter scarves and hats are the destiny for these yarns.

By the way, my dad has responded well to hospice care. Now that he has adequate pain management, he has actually starting joking and kidding with people again. I can't wait to go visit again.


moonlitfantaseas said...

beautiful yarn! I know what you mean about just having a good cry, it does help....about a year after my mom passed away, I had a dream about her, that made me cry in my sleep, I woke up crying anf just couldn't quit for a couple hours, but when it was over I felt so much better, I really hadn't let myself express my grief until then...I am sorry to hear your dad is in hospice, but I am glad he is doing better

Sharon said...

Thanks for your kind words. I've had that wake up crying in your sleep experience. It's so eery.

Rebecca said...

Sometimes crying really does help. I think spinning helps, too (the fiber kind, anyway!)--I find it pretty theraputic at times. I've been wondering how your dad is doing...I'm glad he's doing better now. ^_^

Rebecca said...

I forgot to mention that your yarn is looking beautiful! I love the colors in the last one, and it does look pretty consistent. Great job, my friend!