Monday, August 15, 2011

Fashion Tapas: Beaded Purses

Here are some of the purses that were on display at the Pittock Mansion. The exhibit was not set up for photography, so please pardon the poor quality of the photos. Still, you can glimpse enough detail to appreciate the incredible workmanship of these bags.

Steel beads embroidered on velvet drawstring bag.

Beaded knitting on a bag constructed of two circles with a wrist loop.

Embroidery and bead embroidery on a small frame bag.

Dense bead embroidery on a frame bag.

Crocheted beaded rings and bead fringed frame bag

Frame bag of beaded knitting with stranding and loops

Drawstring bag of beaded knitting with stranding between stitches

Bead knitting with beaded fringe
Some of Mrs. Pittock's personal collection. Tapestry bead knitting.


Rebecca said...

Looks like it was an awesome display! Very inspiring!

Brenda said...

These are so amazingly lovely! I can't even imagine the work that goes into them.