Friday, August 19, 2011

Making and De-stressing: Bead Knotting

When stress strikes with full force, like when I wait to get a telephone update about my dad from the hospital and I think he might die, it seems that there is nothing better to do than clean house. Mind you, housecleaning is my least favorite task, and I have far too many far better things to do.

So why, when life is terrible and scary, do I pick up a broom?

A dear friend answered, upon hearing this plaintive question, "Well, it's because when life is spinning out of control, cleaning is one way to symbolically bring order into it." She's so astute, my clever friend.

Of course! It is a mindless, productive thing to do.

So I asked myself, what else could I do since there is going to be more stress in my life? Instead of getting married to the broom? Couldn't I work on mindless artsy stuff? Heck, yes.

The projects that I have found most calming recently are bead knotting, spinning yarn, and to a lesser extent, making colorful wraps on my knitting machine. There will be more about the last two in upcoming posts. For now, here is some Fall jewelry I made for myself.

This long necklace is made of amber, clear, and irridescent crystal rondelles pearl-knotted with purple silk. The sweet magnetic clasp by Darice can be found at JoAnn's Superstores. It was a mindless way to spend a few hours.

Luscious greens and amber in a pearl-knotted bead necklace and a crocheted rope bangle.

In upcoming posts, you'll see some of the color-twist yarn just produced, and also there will be some discussion about whether using a knitting machine is something to do when you are stressed. And--finally there will be the summer giveaway next week!

De-stressing hasn't been all about making products. I've taken up Zumba dance-exercise classes and occasionally a little baking as well. Long soaks in the tub would help, but who has the time?

What do you do to de-stress? Put your tips in the comments.

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shellie said...

run run run until i cant breathe and then destressing doesnt sound too helpful huh? anyway that first necklace is gorgeous and im sorry to hear about your dad.