Monday, August 8, 2011

Pittock Mansion

I have lived in Oregon since Mt. St. Helens blew over thirty years ago, and yet until recently I had never gone to see the Pittock Mansion, a stunning landmark here in Portland. How does it happen that we miss such treasures right next door?

The Approach
The real motivation for the outing was an exhibit of some vintage beaded purses that was on display there at the time, but it was also an opportunity for some photography practice. To give credit where it's due, all of the photos in this post, except for the second one, were taken by Mr. Cha Cha, who is much better at architectural and scenic photography than I.

The Pittock Mansion was completed in 1914 for Henry and Georgiana Pittock on a hill high above Portland's skyline. Henry was an early pioneer and a self-made man who owned the Oregonian newspaper and had many other diverse business interests. Georgiana was of sturdy stock and equally as industrious as her husband. At the age of 9 she had crossed the plains from Iowa to Oregon with her parents.

These were the rooms that resonated most for me. The ones where I could imagine spending lots of days and nights.

The Music Room

I only want to show you a taste because I am hoping you might visit Portland and see this beautiful historic home for yourself.

The Sewing Room

With the fine tea set on display in the room, one can easily imagine the women of the family gathered here with their handwork. There is a treadle sewing machine off in one corner, but it is apparent that most work was done by hand in here.

The Sewing Room

There was a sensational library where the family actually spent most of their time together. I am more of a reclusive type who loves spending time alone and so could more imagine taking a book or a sketchbook up to this sleeping porch:

Sleeping Porch

A children's room was magical with its little bed, a puppet theater and its vintage toys.

The Children's Room

Ready to Perform

Leather Political Toys Kicking Around a Red, White & Blue Barrel

The 16,000 square foot home has a stunning interior that you only begin to see here. The home had a large number of amenities that were not common in the time when it was built. To learn more and to watch a little video tour, be sure to check out the website link above.

The true magic of the home, however, is its site. Located high in the hills overlooking Portland, it has an unparalleled panoramic view that includes five mountains on a clear day. Observe:

Portland Skyline  and Mt. Hood

In the next post, I'll show you some of the purses that were on exhibit.


moonlitfantaseas said...

the Pittock Mansion is a beautiful place to visit, I lived in the area for over 30 years myself, and have been a few times, I miss the views from the hills of Portland, I moved to WA last year

Rebecca said...

I love Pittock Mansion! Last time we toured through it, Gwennie got to play the piano in the music room. We often go around Christmas, when they have the rooms decorated for the season.