Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dancing Tonight! Light Fantastic!

2010 Dance Eclectic's Black & White Ball
My own clever, talented and sweet Mr. Cha Cha heads a dance organization that produces an annual outdoor Black & White Ball. For several years we have danced in a local park, but with the completion of Director's Park in downtown Portland, the event was moved there last year.

It's an eclectic event in which black and white tee's and chinos mix with finer ballroom apparel with ease. The dancers have varied social dance backgrounds and ability levels but all are friendly and non-judgmental. A grand time is had by all under the stars in a glorious outdoor setting near boutique hotels, the cinema, and shopping. Passers-by linger in the plaza to watch and often grab a bite to eat at the cafe on the plaza.

If you are in Portland, stop by tonight between 6:30 and 9:30. I'll be there tripping the light fantastic.

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shellie said...

how i wish i was in portland....