Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can You Picture It?

The most challenging part of running a new business when you also have a day job is getting everything done. There are so many "hats" to wear.

My day job is in an office. Job #2 is that of chief cook and bottle washer for our household. When jobs #1 and #2 are finished for the day, I work on my business and am often overwhelmed by all there is to do.

If you walked into my studio you would see to your left a desk where the computer equipment resides. Both the desk and its side extension have 90% of the remaining available space covered with piles of paper in varying heights.

The contents of the piles are important pieces of paper that do not want to be lost. They prefer living in the fresh rural air of the desktop rather than being cached in folders in a skyscraper filing cabinet. What? Do they think some terrorist will fly a plane into the file cabinet and they'll all be doomed?

I've talked to these papers about how nice the condo living is in the cabinet and that they can be in whatever color of folder they choose. I must not have been convincing enough because they are all still laying around like so many sun bathers.

Peppered among the papers are a few pairs of knitting needles, some scrap yarn, some swatches, today's coffee cup, yesterday's coffee cup, and the one from the day before with creatures growing in it. There's a TV remote, calculator, hole punch, family photos, head vases full of pens, and bills to pay.

There a little notebook where I keep track of the daily page views of my Etsy shop. It tells me that I have to go into that shop every day to promote, make contacts, list items, make treasuries, etc. Otherwise people stop coming by to see my goods. (I feel so far behind!)

There is a lot of tension and embarrassment that starts to accumulate around so much stuff piled up in a heap on a desk. I wouldn't dare show you a photo--you'll just have to imagine.

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