Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monet's Garden Handspun

Fifty yards of super jumbo yarn is about the most that I have been able to get on a bobbin. I'm going to have to consider purchasing a jumbo flyer for my Ashford traditional wheel so I can make some skeins with more yardage on the larger bobbins.

This freshly-spun super-jumbo yarn is another item for the giveaway for my one-year blogoversary (or is it blogiversary?) next month.  In July you will have the opportunity to enter your name to win it.

This photo shows the twist being set. What this involves is simply soaking the yarn in warm (some use hot) water for 20 minutes or so, blotting the yarn with a bath towel, and then hanging it to air dry. 

The perfectly balanced yarn will not twist around itself when it's hung after after its bath and blotting. If the yarn has been over spun, additional twist can be removed by adding weights to the yarn while it dries. The problem can be that if you use too much weight you can overly straighten and stretch the yarn so that it is mostly good for weaving and not so good for knitting.

This yarn came out perfectly balanced.  Here it is all dried and draping nicely on this dress form's shoulders. It is springy and lofty, spun thick and thin, with an average of 5-7 wraps per inch.

Some friends have said that this colorway reminds them of violets or pansies. While spinning it, I kept thinking of some of the Monet paintings of his gardens at Giverny.  There is a wide range of colors in his waterlilies series, but onetwo, or three of the paintings are close to the colors in this yarn. And the Nympheas series are also in similar hues.

What could you make with these fifty yards?  (They could be yours soon, you know--Just keep coming back to see how to enter your name to win. You know that it will involve commenting, choosing what you will like to win, and also some extra credit for being a blog follower.)

You could make a skinny scarf, 5-6 stitches wide, in a simple garter stitch pattern, knit on size 19 or larger needles. That would really show off the yarn and it would be funky fun to wear.

Or your could use it for a wide border on a pair of mittens and a hat.

Or you could make cuffs and a collar for solid green, blue or violet jacket or sweater-coat. 

What would you do?

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cabin + cub said...

oh it's so lovely. i finally have found jumbo yarn needles, so i was able to make scarves last year. actually, i can only knit squares and rectangles.. so i would probably make another scarf! ;)