Saturday, July 4, 2009

Going Fourth!

Some progress is being made in the studio, in spite of the holiday.

You may remember that Amelia has me on a short leash to complete some unfinished objects so that she can actually get some organization and cleanup done around here. I am determined to do my part, because good (free) help is hard to find!

Here are the results for the weekend so far:

Here is Valerie who I had to coax out of the closet to model one of my biggie berets for this fall. (You may remember that Valerie has been sulking because I haven't bought her any hair yet.)

The hand-spun super-bulky fiber for the crown is in the beautiful colors of sangria: mostly a rich red, with a little orange, gold and pink for accents. You can see the yarn here. This funky oversized beret was started in April.

The second finished project, started in May, was this Love-Me Knot bracelet in peaches and cream.

After finishing these two items, I wondered what to start as a new project and immediately felt guilty. There are still so many UFOs around here, and I sure want Amelie to keep coming 'round, so I'm going back to the UFO pile to determine the next project.

Oh, and Amelie earned some Corriedale pencil roving and spun it beautifully. There will be photos in the next post.


sleepingpoet said...

The hat is tres chic! Great work. And the bracelet left me curious... How does one wear it? In any case, I covet both of these items very much! And I'm inspired by your hard work and diligence. Keep going!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the compliments and encouragement, Sandra!

A magnetic clasp makes the Love-Me Knot bracelet very easy to put on and take off. Since a very strong super magnet is used, it stays snug and secure around your wrist.

The photo in this post doesn't show the clasp, but in my Etsy store are some similar bracelets with multiple photos. You can see the clasp and also how the bracelet looks opened and lying flat.

Glad you stopped by!