Monday, August 17, 2009

Scarf from Cheater Homespun Yarn

In the last post I confessed to creating a two-ply yarn by taking a short-cut: Only one ply was spun by me and the other was a beautiful commercial single-ply sock yarn.

This variegated scarf (un cadeau pour moi) was knit with about half the yarn. The stitch pattern is linen stitch which on the facing side looks like it was woven and on the obverse side looks like seed stitch.

Since my spun single had a short color repeat and the sock single had a long color repeat, a lot of color gradation was created. The linen stitch pattern really helps to blend the colors as well.

One end of the scarf has a more purples and the other end has more reds. Yellows and orange are clustered in the middle. No two projects would ever look alike out of this yarn.

Knitting was fun because it was always a mystery what color sequence was about to emerge.

After the scarf was finished I remembered two of the sample bracelets that I had made for my bead crochet bangle class. They complement the scarf so much that I have decided to keep them for myself to go with the new scarf.

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