Sunday, August 2, 2009

Using a Bead Rope Crochet Starter Tube

Before beginning, string all your beads on bead cord in your desired pattern. Then add however many extra beads you plan to have in one round plus one more bead. For example, if you are working a six-around rope, and you have a six-around starter tube, add seven extra beads. (It is helpful to use some beads in a contrast color for these seven beads that will be removed later.)

The following instructions assume that you know how to make a bead crochet slip stitch. (BCSS)

1. Bring the end of your working thread underneath the uppermost bead of the starter tube from inside to outside. Pull at least ten inches of bead cord to the outside. Use a paper clip or bulldog clip to secure your working thread's tail to the tails of the starter tube.

2. Insert your crochet hook from inside to outside under the thread to the left of the lowermost bead of the top round of beads of the starter tube

and make a bead crochet slip stitch.

3. Working to the left, make a BCSS in each stitch around.

4. Continue in this manner until you have crocheted a one-inch tube of your new beads.

5. To start separating your work from the starter tube, gently pull out the very first bead that you crocheted onto the starter tube by pulling out the tail of the working thread. This is the thread that you originally passed through the starter tube in Step 1. (You may have to coax it out with your crochet hook.)

6. Remove the entire first round of beads one by one until your work is separated from the starter tube.

Now you can continue with your project while your starter tube rests.


Bonzai Beadwear said...

grat tutorial, thank you for posting!

Joan said...

Great. Could you also tell me how to add yarn and how to crochet and add a toggle and clasp? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, really great!