Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crochet Jewelry: Linen Inspiration

It is so inspiring to see what others are creating in beads and fiber. Any of these crocheted jewelry pieces would make beautiful gifts for a loved one (or yourself).

Some pieces combine elegance with a rustic sensibility, like this beautiful crocheted necklace:

Coral Red Flowers - Linen Necklace by GreyHeart of Stone
See more more linen jewelry by this wonderful shop here.

There is pure romance and grace in this lovely necklace crocheted in cotton of a linen color:

Free form flower crochet necklace by FIBreRomance

If you are not looking for flowers, but still want an organic form, how about this spectacular red coral crochet necklace:

Exotic Red Coral Art Scarf Statement Necklace by kanokwalee

And for simplicity of design, don't you love this next necklace and the way it combines the crocheted piece with chain?

Lace Snip Necklace by Nadene

For free form versatility, you can't beat this combination piece:

Handmade Crochet Necklace / Bracelet/ Ring by rRradlonica

This piece can be deconstructed to provide lots of separate jewelry pieces:

This is about the cleverest idea I have seen and a bargain to get so many pieces in one!


Cindy said...

Beautiful creations! I hope you're doing well. How's your Dad? Thinking of you!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi, I was thinking the same as Cindy how is your Dad doing?

I hope all is well and you get to have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

I love your great finds, I have noticed there is a big trend in big necklaces of so many different materials :)

Happy Wednesday, cheers, T. :)