Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion Tapas: Late 20's Style Cloche

Ms. Gish Crochet Cloche by KnotChaCha

It’s a cloche with a tiny flare at the bottom. Just enough of a flare to still call it a cloche. Anything less and you’d have to call it a beanie. The crown is a solid charcoal wool and as the hat swoops down toward the tiny flip of a brim charcoal and black wool alternate in a spiral stripe that ends in a black edge. A vertical row of simple buttons decorates one side.

With this low profile cloche you could picture yourself in the late 1920s, a time when in fashion and actions women had been making statements all decade about their independence and worth.

As the decade of the twenties wound to a close, "talkies" were replacing silent films and Ms. Gish’s acting career was slowing down. By 1929, the cloche hat had evolved so that it only had the tiniest of brims—similar to what you see on this hat. Ms. Gish did not appear on screen during that year. I’d like to think that while she was not working she might have crocheted a hat like this for herself or a friend.

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T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Nice name for a beautiful hat :) T.