Friday, June 25, 2010

Spinning Goals for Yarn

At the beginning of the year I laid out my spinning goals for the year in this post. The goals were:
  1. To be able to spin an even  two-ply yarn equal in dimension (between DK and worsted weight) to a favorite yarn by Mountain Colors, and then to be able to go back to purposely spin a bulky yarn (accomplished!)
  2. To learn to spin an even worsted weight single . . .wait for it...

    Ta Da!

Meet "Silver-Haired Babe", which is being spun of a scrumptious blend of merino and tussah silk.

This buttery blend practically spins itself. The roving, from Barn to Yarn, was purchased at Designer Yarn in Sandy, Oregon. This yarn store has a wonderful selection of staple, novelty, and discontinued yarns. They also carry lovely roving for spinners. It's a fiber lover's heaven!

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