Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Studio Entourage

Some of you perhaps haven't been reading this blog for very long and aren't familiar with my team, so it's time to introduce them and to publicly declare how grateful I am for their support.

Samba is the queen of the roost, and the very sweetest of kitty persons in the world. She supervises extremely well and never puts her paws on any of the projects or supplies in the studio. (Just in case she gets tempted, I try to keep every project and most supplies inside of plastic boxes.)

Amelie is my inner assistant. She is organized and hard-working, a little bit too much of a perfectionist, and very hard to find. She hates working while I'm around because I always get in the way of her getting anything accomplished. Her services are engaged when the studio is too much of a mess to find anything. Like those darn bacon truffles in the last post. (Which turned out to be in the closet on top of a dresser--remember there was clothes changing because of the heat?)

Valerie, my head model, arrived by a circuitous route. Years ago she woke up on the side of the road with no recollection of who she was. While sitting there in a daze she was approached by a band of gypsies and decided to run with them. It was fun for a time, but they eventually abandoned her in an old warehouse in the middle of the night. An Ebay seller found her and later sold her to me.

Valerie actually has a good head for business and is my main confidante when she's not modeling hats. I still owe her some hair. Must go wig shopping soon.

Tink and Tank, the circus midgets, are new additions to the team.  Valerie met them back in her gypsy roving days. They wouldn't let us take their photos because they are on the run from an exploitative midway owner.  They also wouldn't tell us their real names, so we gave them some. The taller of the two is Tink. He loves to unravel knitting projects gone wrong. He actually loves to unravel everything and had to be trained to keep his itchy little fingers off my successful projects. Tank is the more portly of the two. He loves to drink.

Tink and Tank needed a place to stay, so the deal is that they must amuse Samba, lend four willing hands when I need them for tricky projects, help find missing things, chase dust bunnies, and otherwise keep out of the way.


Brenda said...

SO awesome - you put a big smile on my face! :D

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Funny post! It's nice to meet "the team." Your work is really lovely.


eeniemoni said...

Great post. Made me smile ;)

Cindy said...

I loved officially meeting your team! I had no idea Valerie has such a fascinating past. Thanks for the giggles!