Monday, June 7, 2010

Understatement Necklace

Are you one of those fashionistas that loves the statement necklaces? You know the ones. They come in sizes big and bigger.

They look like a whole garden of flowers was turned into metal or Lucite and attached to a chain by some evil witch whose jealousy over their beauty caused her to cast the spell. The flowers' destiny is to now hang about someone's neck for a year or so until they go out of style. Then it's to the back of the closet along with the 6-inch platform shoes.

Don't get me wrong, there has been many a statement necklace that tempted me to buy it, but then I visualized what it would look like on my body and decided against it. While admiring the complex and wild, I usually go for the simple and clean-lined pieces.

Here's an option for a simple necklace that you could wear with your casual wedding dress or your summer tees.

It's a simple-to-make crocheted necklace with decorative glass beads. You could make it dressier by using silk and actual gemstones.

The beauty of this simple long necklace is that you can wear it once, twice, or three times wrapped around your neck. You can also wear it six or seven times wrapped around your wrist.

It has a simple button closure. Basic crochet skills are all you need. Well, that and some supplies:

  1. Size 8 pearl cotton thread
  2. Size 8 beading needle or any sewing needle that will accept the thread and go through the beads
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. A size 11 crochet hook (Size 9 will work if you crochet tightly.)
  5. Some size 11/0 seed beads
  6. Some size 3-4 mm drop beads (Alternative: size 6/0 seed beads)
  7. Not shown, and not needed yet will be a button. Don't worry about that item just yet.

The next blog post will be a tutorial on how to crochet this necklace. If you want to work along, assemble your supplies, come back in a few days, and we'll begin. If you want one and you don't crochet, or you don't want to make your own, check out my store. There might be one there for sale--if not, I could custom make one for you.


Katrinshine said...

Nice necklace!

Anonymous said...

easy pattern worked up quickly. thsnk you

Pat de Verre said...

Thank you so much for this clever tutorial. I'll try very soon to do one necklace...
Wish you a nice day.
Pat from the French Riviera

Much Ado About Somethin said...

I love the necklace! I'm going to feature it in my blog Saturday as one of my favorites of the week - I'll send over the link then! :)

lauren @