Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Follow the Soaps While Bar Hopping

A little secret about Etsy which you may not know is that some of the products sold there can really make it fun to clean up. This post is a little gallery tour of some tempting soaps and shops that may make you rethink your bar habits.

Go get a glass of wine, some hot mulled cider, or some herbal tea and settle in for the tour. I'll be your designated driver and guide.

Our tour begins with romantic decorative bars like the four gorgeous ones in the photo above and the tempting ones in the next two photos. This white chocolate Victorian pair reminds me of the Metropole Hotel in Brussels and the next one helps me imagine Hawaii, where I have never been.

Some bars have interesting organic materials in them. They are not just your ordinary neighborhood bars they aren't. You never know what you'll run into inside them, but it's sure to be a delightful surprise.

by apothicaire

Some soaps look good enough to eat. I'd be in trouble looking at these around the house. Would have to hide them in a cookie jar between bathings or I'd want to be baking all the time. No, the cookie jar's a bad idea. Mr. ChaCha might find them and take a bite out of one.

Apple Cinnamon Spice
by sandycreeksoap

by CandiedBeauty

Some soaps are tempting simply because of their splendid color, the beautiful photos, or the scent that you can already smell just looking at them:

by Intentions

Berry Beautiful Soaps
by countryheartgifts

Dark Raspberry
by WickedSoaps

Some bars come all dressed up in fancy wrappers or clothes:

Ginger Spice Soap
by songbirdsoaps

Even felted winter clothes:

by feltsewcrafty

Hope you enjoyed the bar hop as much as I enjoyed organizing it. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

They are all beautiful! Some of them might be too pretty to actually use!

Cindy said...

Beautiful and delicious looking soaps! Love your post... so very creative!

Erin Wallace said...

Oh my goodness! I love soap and these photos are amazing!

WickedSoaps said...

Wow...some amazingly beautiful soaps! Thank you for including mine among them!

Amy Chace said...

WOW! these soaps look yummy! I am honored that my soap is among them and got dressed for the occasion! lol! thank you!!!

******* said...

What a beautiful selection of soaps, I'm honored to be included with these! Thanks!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Oh Sharon, what a joyful bar hop. Thanks so much for an entertaining hop with so much beauty along the way. Am so thrilled to be a creator of one of the bars. What fun. Many many thanks. Jane

Wendy The Candle Lady said...
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Wendy The Candle Lady said...

This is a soap lover's dream sure to unleash any bathtub diva hiding inside!
Beautiful and thanks for including one of my creation's too!

songbird suds said...

Hello Sharon,
Thank you so very much for posting my Ginger Spice soap bar today. It was a pleasure to view the other beautiful soaps, what a treat!!
Happy Holidays,
Songbird Soaps in Santa Fe

Anonymous said...

THANX 4 the feature - U r an angel, and we r so glad u liked our handmade organic soaps! SANDY CREEK SOAP COMPANY

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing assortment of beautiful soaps. So honored that you have included our Rose n Pearl soaps. What a GREAT blog.
Thanks so much.

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Thank you from Lucky Lather Soaps for featuring our Patchouli Grapefruit Shea Butter Soap! Happy New Year!

IonnKorr said...

Nice Blog!

Greetings from Greece.

Intentions said...

Lovely post! I love the way you you grouped them! Very creative and so well done! Thanks for including my soaps amongst these beauties!


The soaps are a work of art, thanks for including my Carrot Soap.