Sunday, December 27, 2009

Venice Views

Venice, California was the conception of a tobacco mogul named Abbot Kinney who was also a co-owner of an Ocean Park casino and resort. He wanted to build a little town reminiscent of Venice, Italy, complete with canals, lagoons, and gondolas. You can read about some of the history here.

Since Abbot's day, all kinds of architecture has been happening in Venice. Here are just a few photos that I took.

This place looks like it should be on an exotic island:

There's quite a bit of modern architecture.

There is wonderful vegetation and landscaping everywhere.

There are also the homes that resemble their Italian counterparts. This next home is painted a beautiful color that you would typically see in Venice.

Venice, Italy, is perhaps the most magical place on earth. Venice, California, doesn't come close, but it is super fun, with an eclectic mix of homes, a carnival beach culture, and a hip mix of independent businesses. It's well worth a visit.

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Maiden Jane said...

The lovely colors - and the sun - are beautiful to look at from dreary, cloudy, grey, Ohio. At least we received a blanket of snow last night so we have white now!